Revolutionary New Control Device

Every so often, you come across something that is simply jaw dropping. Most times, for me, these tend to be technology related.

Someone sent me a link to the above video a few months ago and I had completely forgotten about it until today as I was looking through some old links, one of which was this video. Is swear, this is something straight out of a futuristic movie!

Thalmic Labs has developed a wearable gesture control called MYO. You strap on the forearm band and voila! You’re ready to control everything from remote helicopters to your Mac and the latest military grade robot. Un…freakin…believable!!!

To say I’m blown away would be an understatement.

I’m sure there are more advanced devices and technology my brain can’t even comprehend, but this is a device ready for the masses at, get this, $149. I’m just amazed at what people are developing and making available to us common folk.

Now give that video one more gander and tell me that doesn’t bring out the giddy little kid in you.

Check out the ThalmicLabs site here: