Initial Impressions: New iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle

Well the nearby Mac Store just got in their first shipment of the new iPod Shuffle. This thing really is amazing — 1GB of storage, extremely tiny, and has a cool little clip to attach to your shirt. Loading music on the iPod was easy, I just set it to Sync To Fit, and it put on a total of 263 songs — a little bit more then the 240 that Apple says will fit on the device. Continue reading “Initial Impressions: New iPod Shuffle”

Alpine CDA-9856 Controls Your Ipod From The Deck

I recently had a new deck installed in my “new” car. I knew I wanted to get one that I could hook my Ipod up to but wasn’t sure if I wanted to be able to control the Ipod from the deck or not. After doing a bit of research I took the car in and decided on this Alpine CDA-9856. From the deck I can view everything on the ipod right on the deck, (playlist’s, artists, albums,etc). I was really worried about how fast I was going to be to scroll through all the music since previous model’s where really slow. The salesperson assured me that it was just as fast as scrolling through the music on the ipod. WRONG! It is quite a bit faster then older model Alpine deck’s, but it still takes for ever to get through my 24GB of music. I have learned at this point to just choose what artist I want to listen to before I even plug it into the deck. Continue reading “Alpine CDA-9856 Controls Your Ipod From The Deck”

Bam! MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo Arrives!

MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo

So the MacBook Pro with Core 2 Duo is officially out now, on the Apple website. Apple is claiming a 39% speed boost, and offering twice the memory and a FireWire 800 port on the new machines. I’ve been wondering if these new machines will have that much of a jump in speed from the 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo model I currently have….gonna have to go visit the Mac Store and find out….when they get them, of course.

Pricing starts at $1,999 for the 15″ 2.16 GHz model, and $2,499 for the 15″ 2.33 GHz model, which are a available today. 17″ model is available next week for $2,799.

via Gizmodo Continue reading “Bam! MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo Arrives!”

v-moda Offers Funky, Punchy Ear Bud Options

v-moda bass freq earphones

I’ve never really been a fan of the ear buds offered with any of the iPod products, usually opting for either a set of Grado SR80s or Bose QC-2s instead. I asked my buddy Ryan over at the Mac Store for some decent earphone replacement options for the standard buds that came with the Mini, and he suggested a new product by v-moda, the bass freq earphones. So far, I can say I am impressed with these comfy little earphones. Continue reading “v-moda Offers Funky, Punchy Ear Bud Options”

My Kids’ Favorite Mouse – The Kaleidoscope

Targus mouse

The Targus Mini Kaleidoscope Optical Retractable Mouse is a cool little mouse that is perfect for traveling around with your MacBook, or any other notebook you may be toting along. The 3/4 sized mouse sports a retractable USB cord making it ideal for keeping in a notebook bag with out getting cluttered up, or tangled in with the gazillion other gadgets in my bag. Of course, my kids love it for another reason…. Continue reading “My Kids’ Favorite Mouse – The Kaleidoscope”

Dell 5700 ExpressCard – Still A Great EV-DO Option for MacBook Pro

Dell 5700

As more and more manufacturers get their ExpressCard EV-DO options out on the market, a great solution for MacBook Pro users continues to be the first card released, the Dell 5700 EV-DO ExpressCard. Continue reading “Dell 5700 ExpressCard – Still A Great EV-DO Option for MacBook Pro”

New iPod nano – Rebirth of The Mini

iPod nano

When the Apple released the first generation iPod nano, we picked one up as soon as it hit our local store. Heck, I still have the promo poster hanging on the wall of my office — “1,000 songs. Impossibly small.” It has been a great machine that my kids have loved stealing just about anytime we get in the car for a road trip. Along comes the 2nd generation nano, revamped with a brighter screen, updated software, new headphones, new packaging, and new anodized aluminum colors which are entirely reminiscent of the long time favorite iPod mini. Continue reading “New iPod nano – Rebirth of The Mini”

PalmOne LifeDrive

I picked up a PalmOne LifeDrive today with the hopes that it would become a useful enough tool to warrant carrying around one more device with me, not to mention justify the $450 price tag. After spending a couple of hours setting it up and playing with it’s features, specifically the Blazer web browser and VersaMail email client, I realized it’s nothing more than a glorified Palm PDA. Sure it has a nice bright screen, sexy looks and feels great to use, the 4GB of storage (the only really enticing feature about this device in my opinion) can be added to just about any PDA on the market today in a variety of form factors. All of the software included is either already included in other devices or readily available at little or no charge. I’m just not as impressed with the device in hand as I was while salivating over it on Palm’s web site. It’s already back in the box and heading back to the store in the morning. Continue reading “PalmOne LifeDrive”