Sun Mountain Speed Cart – Putting the Exercise Back in Golf

sunmountain.jpg"You just push it off the first tee box and meet it down at the 150 yard marker!" So said our Pro the day we picked up a couple of these glorified pull carts. They certainly looked cool, and even a little fast — maybe it would just roll itself around the golf course with me happily walking behind. As it turns out, that’s not the case…you do in fact have to actually push the thing to get it to make it’s way around the course, but it sure is nicer than the old school two-wheelers you rent for a couple bucks with chunks out of the wheels.

The Speed Cart helped get our butts up out of the drive cart, and our legs moving between shots, to burn those extra calories we were eating at the snack shop! Continue reading “Sun Mountain Speed Cart – Putting the Exercise Back in Golf”

SkyCaddie SG4 – Ultimate Golf Geekery

skycaddie1.jpgBack in the 17th century, golfers used to smack wooden balls around rough golf courses, walking every step of the way, lugging their crude bamboo clubs from hole to hole in full Sunday dress, and took your best guess as to how far you needed to hit the darn thing. We’ve come a long way baby.

Today not only do we have high-tech clubs and balls, power walk carts and heated drive carts, but if you really want to geek out on the golf course, you can dial up the nearest satelite and get your accurate distance information sent right to you. The SkyCaddie SG4 makes it all possible.

If you are a geek, and you like to golf, you owe it to youself to check this out. Continue reading “SkyCaddie SG4 – Ultimate Golf Geekery”

TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons

TaylorMade r7 Draw IronsTaylorMade’s slogan for their r7 Draw series of irons is “Say Goodbye to the Right Side of the Golf Course.” While I can’t say that I’ve completely broken off my relationship with that half of the course, I can say that these have been some of the best irons I’ve played in a while.

For the past 10-15 years I’ve played some sort of game-improving club or another. My first real set of clubs were Tommy Armour 845s, about 15 years ago. I played those until just a few years ago when I started playing Nike Slingshots. After still having a push or slice that I couldn’t easily correct, I decided to look at some irons that might help with the end goal of keeping it straighter down the fairway, and the r7 Draw Irons ended up being the next clubs in my bag. Continue reading “TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons”

Trek Navigator 200 Comfort Bike

If you are in the market for a new bike but haven’t shopped for one recently, you may be surprised at all the options available these days. When hunting around you’ll find different types of bikes such as touring, road, cyclo-cross, single speed, fixed gear, mountain, hybrid, comfort, cruisers, recumbent, racing, and many more! The choices can be daunting, but if you just need something to get around the neighborhood, around the campground, or even to and from a not-too-long trip to work, a comfort bike may be the right choice for you. The Trek Navigator 200 is a moderately priced comfort bike that is a great option for a general all purpose bike. Continue reading “Trek Navigator 200 Comfort Bike”