PalmOne LifeDrive

I picked up a PalmOne LifeDrive today with the hopes that it would become a useful enough tool to warrant carrying around one more device with me, not to mention justify the $450 price tag. After spending a couple of hours setting it up and playing with it’s features, specifically the Blazer web browser and VersaMail email client, I realized it’s nothing more than a glorified Palm PDA. Sure it has a nice bright screen, sexy looks and feels great to use, the 4GB of storage (the only really enticing feature about this device in my opinion) can be added to just about any PDA on the market today in a variety of form factors. All of the software included is either already included in other devices or readily available at little or no charge. I’m just not as impressed with the device in hand as I was while salivating over it on Palm’s web site. It’s already back in the box and heading back to the store in the morning. Continue reading “PalmOne LifeDrive”