iPod Touch = iPod LOVE

iPod touchYou may be surprised to see another post about a new iPod after my recent post on the iPod Classic 160GB I picked up a few weeks ago. Even though my teenage daughter told me not to get one (strange as it may sound), I picked up an iPod touch. I must say, I’m in love anew with Apple’s latest iPod.

From the thin, sleek iPhone-like profile to the gorgeous, scratch resistant 3.5″ screen (check out the link below) to the ultra cool multi-touch interface, there’s a lot of touch to love. If you own or have messed with an iPhone, you’ll see that Apple has included most of the best features in a thin beauty.

You may be appalled to hear that I purchased this device despite owning an iPhone. Strangely enough, I’ve found this device has come in very handy around the house as a music player/video device/Internet browsing device. The Safari web browser and it’s ability to render web pages, as mobile devices should have been able to do for a while now, still amazes me. Very handy for catching up on news sites, blogs, etc. I’ve also started ripping more video files to view on the go replacing my heavier and larger Archos video player.

Apple has done a phenomenal job, in my opinion, with styling of the iPhone and iPod touch. Both devices have a solid feel, are a pleasure to use, and have been built to last. One of the craziest tests I’ve seen is a guy who tested how scratch resistant the touch really is. Take a look at:

Of course a number of applications are missing. Stocks, Maps, Weather, Notes and Text Messaging would all be very nice to have. I’ve started thinking about hacking the device to add the missing applications and expand it’s functionality.

All in all, I’m pleased with the iPod touch and would recommend you strongly consider picking one up if you’re not already sporting an iPhone……or maybe even if you are!