Nokia N800 Internet Tablet – A “niche” device

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Why I feel like I need another device to surf the Internet, I have no idea. I spend all day sitting in front of a computer on the Internet, yet I am constantly looking for devices that really do nothing more than provide Internet access in another form factor. I DID find one particular place this device comes in handy for reading blogs and catching up on news articles, but I won’t go into details here.

This is my second Nokia Internet Tablet. I used the 770 for a few weeks before deciding it wasn’t for me. When Nokia released the second generation N800, I don’t know if it was the shiny metal or what, but I decided I had to have it. So far it’s been a good niche Internet browsing device. The screen is gorgeous and very readable, the browser worked flawlessly for all of the mainstream sites I wanted to visit, and the wifi worked everywhere in my house (which is more than I can say for most of my other wireless devices).

From a hardware perspective, the N800 is all class. Nokia has done a great job in styling. Sure you lose the built-in screen protector of the 770, but it’s worth the trade-off. Included are a built-in, swivel camera, desktop stand and stereo headphone/mic jack. The 800 x 480 high resolution touch screen is capable of producing a more than adequate browsing experience given the size of the device. Two SD card expansion slots provide plenty of storage. Battery life was not an issue pulling shifts for several days of casual use along with standby time.

The best part of the N800 is the operating system that drives it. It runs on open source platform encouraging development of applications and functionality. Needless to say, in addition to the typical PDA-type applications you’d find on a similar device, there are a number of great apps at your disposal. Some of my favorites are:
* Skype – Use your N800 for making Internet phone calls
* Media Streamer – Stream videos, music and pictures from a source on your network
* Apache Web Server – Why not?!
* antiword – Word document reader
* Gnumeric Spreadsheet – Open Excel spreadsheets on the go

This is a device really meant for a specific purpose. It does that well and it’s a pleasure to use.