Sun Mountain Speed Cart – Putting the Exercise Back in Golf

sunmountain.jpg"You just push it off the first tee box and meet it down at the 150 yard marker!" So said our Pro the day we picked up a couple of these glorified pull carts. They certainly looked cool, and even a little fast — maybe it would just roll itself around the golf course with me happily walking behind. As it turns out, that’s not the case…you do in fact have to actually push the thing to get it to make it’s way around the course, but it sure is nicer than the old school two-wheelers you rent for a couple bucks with chunks out of the wheels.

The Speed Cart helped get our butts up out of the drive cart, and our legs moving between shots, to burn those extra calories we were eating at the snack shop!

Golf can actually be a decent form of excercise. Anytime you walk 5 miles, swinging a club a couple hundred times, over a period of 3-4 hours, you’re bound to burn off at least a few calories you’ve taken in during the day. However, if you immediately go for the riding cart, you’ve taken a good chunk of the health benefits right out of the game. This has been the case for much of the golf I’ve been playing.

Part of the reason I don’t like to walk is…well, I’m a lazy golfer, but also, I hate having the weight of a bag on my back and shoulders before having to take a shot, especially when it’s hot. Pulling traditional carts can be funky because you have to turn your arm back in an unnatural position, which can also mess with your muscles and swing. The Sun Mountain Speed Cart helps to change that by turning the cart around and allowing you to push it in front of you, with a natural handlebar position more like riding a bike.

While there are lots of gadgets and goodies, lets not get carried away…it’s still just a golf bag cart. I definitely love the three wheel design with actual tires, and I love that it folds compactly away to about the size of a large golf bag. Other features include a pump for said tires, umbrella holder that actually works pretty well (we play in Oregon, in the fall,) a catchall compartment that shuts closed with a magnetic lid, a cup holder, a seed/sand bottle holder, a catchall net, and a hand lever brake.

Sun Mountain makes them in a multitude of colors, although I selected a black one to go with my black bag. They also make an ‘E’ version, which has a motor and remote control on it to really rough it out on the course – I don’t feel like I’m quite old enough for one of those bad boys yet, but some days it feels close.

Everyone I see on the course has one of these…suddenly I feel very cool. Don’t you want one too?

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