Garmin Edge 305 – Total Bike Geekery

Edge 305

Regardless of what your hobby is, chances are there is some sort of geeky gadget that is made just for you. The Garmin Edge 305 proves that to be true for all the bike lovers out there. The 305 proves to be one of the most complete tools for the geek cyclist on the market today. In addition to being a full blown bike computer, the 305 is also a portable GPS device, and has optional Heart Monitor and Cadence attachments to completely deck out your bike tech arsenal.

The lightweight and rugged Edge attaches to the stem or handlebars of your bike with an included bike mount and measures your speed, distance, time, calories burned (great for a big buy like myself,) altitude, climb and descent, and records all data for you to look at later on. Once back home, the Edge syncs with included software, or many web sites like in order to view the ground you’ve covered.

The 305 also allows you to customize workout screens so you can have the most important pieces of data at your fingertips. If you prefer to only see time you’ve ridden, speed you are travelling and distance covered, you can set your screen to only show those three items. Or, you can jam three times that amount of data onto a single screen if you really need to be crunching the numbers when you are riding.

Strap on the optional Heart Rate Monitor band and the Edge receives your heart information through a wireless connection for a more accurate tracking of your workout, and items like calories burned during that time. The optional Cadence monitor also works via a wireless connection as well and helps you track the rate of revolutions while you pedal.

The Garmin Edge 305 provides tons of geeky data for those cyclists that like to record and review all of the information from their rides and allows you to share that geekiness with the rest of the world!