Something Different – Top 10 Christmas Movies

Top 10 Christmas Movies

With the Christmas season fully upon us now, I decided to post something completely different than we’ve been doing since our launch. We’ve had the music fired up since Thanksgiving weekend, but are just now starting to crank up our favorite movies of the yuletide nature. Click more below to see the list….

10. While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping

Immediately I’m revealed for the chick flick lover that I can often be. While not entirely a Christmas movie, some of the most touching scenes are during the festive part of the show. This 1995 film about Sandra Bullock being mistaken for the fiance of a rich guy in a coma is terrifically funny and touching at the same time.

No clips, just the trailer on YouTube

9. White Christmas

White Christmas

1954 Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye movie about a couple of war buddies in the entertainment industry who follow a pair of sisters to a resort in Vermont. They stumble on an old officer who’s now running the resort and have to jump in to bail him out. From the first moment the foursome sings ‘Snow’ on the train to vermont to the closing scene, there is plenty of great schmaltzy music and dance numbers to celebrate the season.

Classic scene – Bing Crosy and Danny Kaye perform ‘Sisters’

8. Serendipity


Only the first half of this 2001 romantic comedy with John Cusak and Kate Beckinsale is really Christmasy, but in that first half are some of the best romantic Christmas scenes — a perfect date night movie. I’m so glad Cusak made a holiday flick, and he’s just classic JC in this movie. Also, Jeremy Piven, John Corbett, and Eugene Levy all deliver great moments.

Corbett as the wacked out musician

7. A Muppet Family Christmas

Muppet Family Christmas

Do not be deceived, do not fall for the recent Muppet Christmas special, and be aware that there is an edited down version for sale on Amazon that is also NOT the original MFC. The original MFC was made in 1978, and the re-released version from 1995 falls short of all the great moments in the original. Make sure you see the original, and all I can say is “ahhhhhhh, the icey patch!”

Oh, good news…looks like you can watch it all on YouTube:
Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4

6. Miracle On 34th Street
– 1994 Version

Miracle On 34th Street

I typically like the classic versions of movies, but this 94 remake has such a great look, and is so well played by the actors, that I actually prefer it over the original. The classic tale of the department store Santa claiming to be the real Kris Kringle in court is one we watch more than once during the Christmas season.

Only one short clip available on YT

5. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

In 1966, 3 years before I was born, animator Chuck Jones landed the big one, the classic Christmas animated film when he collaborated with Dr. Suess on the Grinch. How in the world they decided on creepy Boris Karloff to narrate a holiday cartoon, I’ll never know, but he did an amazing job. Even though we own the 90’s remake, it doesn’t even hold a candle to this original.

The Grinch Did Not
poke around, the whole thing is on YT too…

4. A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Perhaps the most sentimental movie on my list, the classic Charles Shulz cartoon about a boy who is searching for the true meaning of Christmas amidst crazy notions from all his pals and even his dog, is one of my very favorites. The soundtrack from 1965 is also amazing and a must for the holiday rotation. Definitely the best of the Peanuts holiday cartoons…although the Thanksgiving one is a decent second.

Whole thing on YouTube
BONUSPeanuts perform Hey Ya!

3. Elf

Son of a nutcracker! This movie makes me laugh! The newest movie to make the list, Will Ferrell stars in this instant classic from 2003 about an elf who discovers that he’s actually human and returns to New York to find his father. So many good lines and scenes in the movie to even try to list, and who knew that Zooey Deschanel has such and amazing voice…like a classic songstress from the 50s. My kids love it, I love it, everyone loves it!

You Stink of Beef and Cheese
Angry Elf
Did you hear THAT?

2. A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story

Yeah, I know this is the top of just about every list, and it’s very close for me too. You’ll shoot your eye out….fragi-le….soap poisoning…tongue to the post, etc, but maybe the annual 24 hr marathon has watered it down just a bit for me. Knowing that it’s on every year, I don’t own a copy, nor do I long to crank it up on the dvd player like I do most of the others. That being said, it IS a classic movie, with Ralphie making us laugh since 1983. A very close second.


1. Christmas Vacation

Christmas Vacation

Easily the one movie we reach for this time of year to get our festive chuckles going. In 1989, the Griswolds brought new meaning to the term ‘Old Fashioned Family Christmas’ in this slapstick Christmas movie. Chevy Chase, the king of the quoteable movie one liners serves up tons of quips that are repeated in homes across America this time of year.

Sled Wax
250 Strands of Lights
Decent montage of funny lines and moments

Honorable mentions…other movies we own, or watch when they come on TV during Christmas time:

Family Man – if we owned this, I might even have bumped While You Were Sleeping off the list to give it the #10 spot. Nicholas Cage is great, as always, and Tia Leone plays across from him perfectly.

Home Alone – Kevin! A great one that we watch every year. If I was doing top 12 movies, Family Man and Home Alone would have made the list.

Rudolph – and all the other stop animation flicks from the 60’s. Fun to watch, but I’ll catch them on re-runs.

You’ve Got Mail – Another not-really-a-Christmas-movie-chick-flick, but some good seasonal scenes.

Wonderful Life – I know, I know…this is on most top 10 lists…just not mine. Kind of slow, and sad at points for me. I’ll watch parts of it as it plays in the background.

Die Hard – If this is what Christmas is like, I’m coming back for New Years!

Lethal Weapon – Mel Gibson when he had cool hair.

Bishop’s Wife – the original version, although Denzel dancing was a good scene from the newer version.

The Santa Clause – Both 1 and 2 are still fun to watch with the kids. I only saw half of 3 before my 2 year old bailed on the idea of being in the theater that long….seemed decent up till then.

Let me know yours!

3 thoughts on “Something Different – Top 10 Christmas Movies”

  1. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see this list, Paul. Warms my heart, although, my number one is White Christmas, all because of the song…SNOW…

    Thanks for being a chick flick guy, it doesn’t go unnoticed!! Jen

  2. Excellent list, Paul. Glad to see Christmas Vacation as number 1. The Griswalds are near and dear to my heart. Someday I’ll have to rent It’s a Wonderful Life, because I have never seen it, if you can believe that.
    This month the Hallmark Channel has been running a ton of Christmas movies. There’s one on just about every night at 9. I have been enjoying them immensely.

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! Tammy

  3. We watched Christmas Vacation three times when Jennifer was in labor with Matthew. Many things I won’t do as a result of this movie: I’ll never drink Meister Brau, name my dog, Snots, empty a chemical toilet into a storm drain and NEVER ask my grandchildren to rub a “painful burr” on my heal. I have, however, used the “Hey kids, look, a reindeer” line while driving!!!

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