Sleek Verizon LG VX 8600

LG VX-8600 Phone

I’ve ended my love-hate relationship with my Verizon Wireless RAZR phone and am in the honeymoon phase and loving my new LG VX 8600 phone. It’s slim, shiny, feels good in your hand and….well……it’s new. So far I can’t find anything I really don’t like about it. The screen is very good, possibly the best I’ve seen on any phone of it’s kind, with plenty of brightness to be viewed outside and nice rich colors. Battery life seems to be on par with other phones I’ve used on Verizon’s network. Reception has been good, although since the antenna is built into the phone case, it’s not quite as good as some of the other LG phones I’ve used.

I like the layout of the buttons and the menu navigation is easy and intuitive. I’m not a big fan of V Cast, phone cameras or other phone features, so I don’t have any comments on those things. The important features for me are solid reception, sound quality and good looks. This phone doesn’t disappoint.

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  1. Hey, my boyfriend has this phone, but unfourtinatly the inside screen is broken. He can still text and call from memory, but now his inbox is full and he doesn’t remember how to erase it? Can anyone tell me the key combo? e-mail is

  2. Do not purchase the verizon insurance. The company they used sent me a replacement LG VX 8600 and it was generic. My calls dropped and the phone would shut off while talking. And the text function would clear out before I was finished texting. And the phone felt like plastic. The insurance replacement phones are not Verizon phones. They are counterfit phones. Save your money and invest in a new phone if yours break.

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