v-moda Offers Funky, Punchy Ear Bud Options

v-moda bass freq earphones

I’ve never really been a fan of the ear buds offered with any of the iPod products, usually opting for either a set of Grado SR80s or Bose QC-2s instead. I asked my buddy Ryan over at the Mac Store for some decent earphone replacement options for the standard buds that came with the Mini, and he suggested a new product by v-moda, the bass freq earphones. So far, I can say I am impressed with these comfy little earphones.

My two complaints about the ipod ear buds have been their size and their sound, two important items for earphones. The ipod buds have always hurt my ears after even just 15 minutes of use, and the sound has always been thin with too much mid range for my liking. Even with adjusting the EQ settings on the iPod, I’ve never been able to dial in a good sound.

v-moda vs ipod
v-moda compared to the standard iPod buds
The v-modas are very comfortable to wear — not so large that they make your head feel like it’s going to explode, and not so small that they feel like they’re going to fall out. I’ve used them several times without them hurting my ears. Mac Store Ryan recommended them because he used them on motorcycle rides, and I can imagine they would be comfortable even for long hauls.

v-moda bass freq
v-moda bass freq in classic white

On the first use of the v-modas, I was instantly pleased with the sound, good punchy bass and a decent high end without an over abundance of mid range. I typically dial in a little more bass with most earphones, and often times opt for a setting that also boosts the high end. The v-modas, though not as crisp as the QC-2s, have a great sound out of the box, even at the flat EQ setting on the iPod.

Inside the package the v-modas have one set of replacement earbud covers and the modawrap cable manager, a funky little rubber tool that allows you to wrap your cable up tight around. This is a great idea, and a tool I’ve used with other earphones even before purchasing the bass freqs. There is a little added weight from the modawrap if you leave it connected to your cable, and your cord gets a little jiggy from being wrapped around it, but otherwise it’s a handy device, and a nice add-on for free.
v-moda and ipod
v-moda modawrap cable manager included
The v-moda bass freq earphones are not your high end noise cancelling ear phones like the Shure E series, but for a $50 price point they provide a comfortable, good sounding option. They come in a multitude of colors and more info can be found at v-moda.com.

Specs from v-moda:

revolutionary bass bliss
• a small wonder of the world – deep yet precise bass levels you can actually feel
• powerful bass designed to recreate the sensation and sounds of the world’s finest clubs and concert venues

high-fashion colors and style
• ask yourself – am I ordinary? refuse to be a slave to black and white earphones with drab designs – modaphones adapt to your music and fashion style rather than dictate it
• complement the color of your Ipod®/MP3 player, accessories, and clothing – mix and match colors to create your own unique style

noise isolating technology
• bass level isolating soft silicon (BLISS) technology reduces noise and enables deep bass
• unlike bulky active noise cancellation, BLISS introduces no artificial sound into your music and requires no batteries

full sound spectrum clarity
• warm mids and crisp highs that blend seamlessly with the vibrant bass, hearing is believing
• natural and present sound in comparison to the everpresent distant and mechanical sound of other manufacurer’s in-ear models

comfortable and secure
• comfortable, light weight, and secure fit (3 sizes of fittings included)
• endures strenuous activities including working out, DMV lines, and running
• optiminal even-length cables

modawrap cable manager
• cable length management while listening and earphone storage when idle
• no more complicated case winders, misplacing extra gear, or cable tangles

Included Accessories: modawrap cable manager, 3 sizes of silicon fittings
Bass Fréq Level: 122dB at 20 Hz (view response curve)
Frequency Response: 8 Hz – 22000 Hz
Speaker Driver: 10mm neodymium rare earth magnet
Cable length: 30.5” plug to y-connector, 13.5” even-length earphone cables
Plug: 24k gold-plated, straight 3.5mm mini-plug

3 thoughts on “v-moda Offers Funky, Punchy Ear Bud Options”

  1. These things really do rock, I really prefer them big time over my Shure E2Cs since they are so comfortable and I can put them on and off so easily. The Shures require a deep seal that is painful, and don’t have near the bass that is great for rock, dance, and hip-hop.

    Definitely a must-have accessory for the price.

  2. I am a big fan of these headphone’s also. I have had a pair for a few months now, and love how comfortable they are. They also do a great job of blocking out wind noise on my motorcycle. They aren’t quite a noise cancelling headphone, but they still do a great job.

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