My Kids’ Favorite Mouse – The Kaleidoscope

Targus mouse

The Targus Mini Kaleidoscope Optical Retractable Mouse is a cool little mouse that is perfect for traveling around with your MacBook, or any other notebook you may be toting along. The 3/4 sized mouse sports a retractable USB cord making it ideal for keeping in a notebook bag with out getting cluttered up, or tangled in with the gazillion other gadgets in my bag. Of course, my kids love it for another reason….They call this mini mouse the Kaleidoscope because it features a ‘patented color-radiating design that cycles through seven colors as you use it.’ (From the Targus site.) Think of it as a portable Lava lamp or mood ring of sorts in your mouse, with a slow pulsating glow that swaps through several different colors as it sits still on your desk. I was actuallly surprised when it started going through it’s paces, as I simply expected a cheap portable mouse, and I’m not sure that there are actually seven different colors, so much as there are a couple different variations of blue, green, red, etc.

My kids love the cool effect of watching the mouse cycle through it’s glowing colors, and my wife loves it because of it’s smaller size and feel. Being a windows user for so many years, I always appreciate a mouse with two actual buttons and a separate wheel, and I have to say that during late night projects, when the lights are down low because the kids are in bed, the glow of the mouse somehow reminds me of those old glowing christmas bulbs.

I’m sure the Targus Kaleidoscope falls short of the specs offered by the higher end gaming mice, but for a novelty mouse it actually performs quite well. Everyone comments on it when they see it, and I imagine it might even make it’s way onto a few Christmas lists this year.