Dell 5700 ExpressCard – Still A Great EV-DO Option for MacBook Pro

Dell 5700

As more and more manufacturers get their ExpressCard EV-DO options out on the market, a great solution for MacBook Pro users continues to be the first card released, the Dell 5700 EV-DO ExpressCard.

Initially and officially, the Dell 5700 does not support, nor come with drivers for the MBP, a disappointing fact we discovered the day our cards arrived in mid-July. While sitting in a Starbucks in the Bay Area, I tried with no success whatsoever to get the Dell to work with the MBP, but figured within a week or so, someone would figure out a way to get it going…and they did.

Using the tip outlined at I was able to connect up the card to my machine. Here’s the tip from the original poster:

1) sudo /Applications/ /System/Library/Extensions/IOSerialFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleWWANVerizon.kext/Contents/Info.plist

2) Under “AppleVerizonInterface0NovatelX34”
Change idProduct to: 33047
Change idVendor to : 16700

3) Under “AppleVerizonInterface1NovatelX34”
Change idProduct to: 33047
Change idVendor to : 16700

4) Save and quit.

5) sudo kextload -t /System/Library/Extensions/IOSerialFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleWWANVerizon.kext

6) Put in your Dell Wireless 5700 card and it will begin the activation process.

Note: You may need to open Network in System Preferences and select WWAN Support as the modem. (I did this and am not sure if it helped. It may do this automatically through the activation process. Le us know if it is required.)

One important note, apparently after OS upgrades to newer versions, the drivers are reset, and the process must be done over. Here are some screen shots from my machine with the card inserted:
Dell 5700

So why would you not just pick up the card from your provider now that they are out in the wild? What makes the Dell a deal? Price and flexibility. The Dell card is currently $161 on their site, and requires no commitment to purchase. Verizon (our current EV-DO provider) charges more for their new model, the V640, at $179 with a 1 year contract, or $229, with a 2 year contract. With the Dell, I was just able to call up Verizon and add it to my current phone plan as a new device. If we decide they don’t work out for us, we can call and cancel the contract at any time.

The Dell 5700 has been a great card to keep in the bag for EV-DO connectivity when there is no wi-fi or ethernet to be found. It’s been to the beach, the mountains, and to the high desert and worked flawlessly at each location, as well as all around town. If you’re considering an EV-DO option for your MacBook, give the 5700 a serious look!

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  1. Apple’s last Express Card Update supports that card without ANY hacking to the OS; Give it a try…

  2. all i will say is good to use a express card cuz it so faster and it let u do what u want as u like it….
    when ever im playin a game with a wirless express card i felt great like im in the gambe cuz it realy fast.
    that all if u dont belive just try it, an get one
    all good trust me ..
    thanks to technologe

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